Advance Web Technologies

ISAD334 | 3rd Year | 2011/12

This module imparts a sound understanding of the fundamental principles of distributed software development using web technologies. Students will be able to identify the appropriate use of technologies to fulfil business requirements.

We have been asked to keep a blog to share our research. Each week I will post to this page to keep a track of my findings.  This will also help to create a conversation with my peers.

My posts are as follows (latest at the top)…

Picking a Topic

Chris Hatton : 27th January 2012 1:24 am : Coursework| ISAD334

Last lesson we grouped up in four groups, to match our read more

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Empirical Software Engineering (ESE)

Chris Hatton : 18th January 2012 2:35 pm : Coursework| ISAD334

We have had our first lecture and have been set the task of researching into Empirical Software Engineering. The keep track of our findings, we have been asked to keep an online blog. This will also help to create a conversation about what we are finding out.

Empirical Software Engineering (ESE)

ESE is a topic I have not heard before. From what I understand, ESE is the read more

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