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Final Project: Subliminal Fitness – DAT; complete

All the laser-cut plans have been cut and assembled, and my classmate wired up the LEDs for the light-box. Rocker switches were bought for the light-box to make it aesthetically pleasing to use and the results, especially for the light-box… were astonishing! ‘Processing’ was used to draw up the data visually in all cases. The

Final Project: Subliminal Fitness – DAT; research

We did some research to find some inspiration for our idea, and basically where we could take the project next. Our most significant find was the work by Simon Faithfull, which we saw at an art exhibition held at our University recently. The installation was of lit Perspex displays depicting travels he had undertaken. This

Final Project: Subliminal Fitness – DAT; ideas

As a start we drew up some ideas together. We were thinking that the project should have multiple outcomes based on the same theme. The above image shows the kind of products we were thinking of. The running theme throughout the project is that the user is unaware of the amount of fitness they are